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Principal's Message


Lakya Washington, Principal

[email protected]



You have arrived at “The Summit”


Welcome to Summit Elementary School for Student-Centered Teaching & Learning! 


The Summit offers a fully certified administrative and instructional staff as well as exemplary support personnel, all of whom are excited about the opportunity to provide you and your scholar with a high quality educational experience. These dedicated professionals fulfill a very real commitment to the successful implementation of the McComb School District’s first Student-Centered Teaching & Learning School.  Careful planning, preparation, and Student-Centered instructional practices are focused toward providing the best possible education by meeting all scholars where they are.


The climate and culture at The Summit is purposefully geared to the individualized needs of scholars. Great care is taken to provide a climate that is developmentally appropriate, academically challenging, and where Teacher Practitioner utilizes Student-Centered instructional practices designed to help scholars achieve significant increases in their academic growth.


Parents are encouraged to visit learning laboratories and will be required to actively participate in the education of their child.  A parent’s presence at school is one of the most effective ways of letting the scholar know that he/she is important and that his/her education is a top priority.  At The Summit, we believe that you and your scholar are not interruptions of our work, but rather the purpose for it.  Visiting, even if only briefly, also helps to build a positive and mutually supportive relationship between home and school and between you and your scholar’s Teacher Practitioner.  For the safety of all, any person entering the building during the school day must report directly to Mission Control (Main Office) and sign in prior to proceeding to learning laboratories or other areas of the building.


The faculty and staff of The Summit extend a warm welcome and express the hope that the coming school year will be a positive experience for both you and your child. In the very best interest of all scholars, I remain;



The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.