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Summit Elementary Class of the Week!

Summit Elementary Class of the Week!

Practitioner Leslie Lawson and the fifth-grade gifted scholars are learning how to properly monitor the Aquaponics Lab. Wet chemistry is used to test PH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in the system water. These levels are monitored and charted regularly as scholars prepare to introduce fish into the system. Scholars also monitor plant growth and structure, searching for signs of nutrient deficiency. Hands-on activity allows for a better understanding of the nitrogen cycle and plant life cycles. This experiential learning is accomplished daily in the aquaponics lab using either the engineering design process or scientific method depending on the activity. Ultimately scholars intend to consistently harvest various produce and hold a regular "farmers market" where they can focus on social, marketing, and mathematics skills. Be The Change! #ItsComeBackTime
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In the Spotlight

Our Mission:
The mission of the McComb School District is to become a premier, world-class school system where student success is inevitable and each student is cultivated to become fierce competitors in a global society.
We Believe that:
I.     Every individual matters therefore, his or her opinions and voice should be heard, represented, and respected
II.    Every individual should have the opportunity to achieve his or her goals and dreams
III.   People should open their minds to new ideas
IV.   Collaboration and cooperation are essential for success
V.    Communities should be highly engaged
VI.   Every individual can rise to high standards
VII.  Every individual should be held accountable
VIII. Character counts

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